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With more than 20 years of experience in the management of customs offices, we offer a comprehensive service in these, ranging from the prior study of the requirements and costs for the import of particular merchandise until its removal from the customs areas in the most fast, economical and safe.

Imports and exports for consumption
Imports and exports of goods for fairs
Temporary imports for subsequent export
Air, sea and land transits
Commercial advice to the international operator
Market studies


Our team of professionals will ensure that you enjoy an excellent service in all aspects that affect the customs clearance.

  • Choice of destination and customs regime

  • Processing of duty and VAT exemptions

  • Processing of import licenses

  • Dispatch of vehicles, furniture and personal effects

  • Application and assistance for paracustom certificates.


The main advantage of this is the ability to store the goods without having to pay the import taxes (duty and VAT) at the time of importation, but at the exit of the warehouse for community nationalization. There is no time limit to be able to have the merchandise in our warehouses, therefore you can foresee campaigns.


According to the new CAU, this deposit will be used for certain import goods under the VAT suspension regime, paying the corresponding duties.

For Community goods destined for export, in the DCD, it is allowed to introduce the national merchandise destined for export, suitable for community merchandise with a view to export, being especially interesting for successive sales (for example, when the manufacturer is not the same as the exporter).


Entails the storage of imported merchandise, under the tax suspension regime for a period of 90 days until the moment of assigning an Economic Customs regime (consumption, transit, deposit entry, re-export, etc.).

Goods that have entered the TDS can later be dispatched for consumption, transit, be introduced in other deposits (without time limit and benefiting from new advantages) and / or re-exported.


Is used to carry out your export operations with the same advantages as the DCD through partial receptions in our warehouses and without the need of passing out customs.

From ALEG you can export. This is used mainly for grouping the goods.

The exportation enclosure allows customs clearance under export regime (third countries, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) in our facilities, eliminating the upheaval of taking the goods to the Customs Office itself, being able to make partial receptions.